Eco-Baby Cloth Diaper Service Review


I was recently given the opportunity to do a trial period of two weeks using Eco-Baby Cloth Diaper Service! Here’s how it works, how it went for us, and my thoughts on this locally owned and operated company.

First of all, Eco-Baby Cloth Diaper Service’s website is super user-friendly. You can do everything from shop for diapers and accessories to sign up for their service! Easy as that! There’s a section on nighttime diapering, a place to create a registry for expectant parents, and an explanation of the benefits of cloth diapering. They also have videos and links to helpful pages for newbie cloth diapering parents.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company offers classes once a month to explain the service, help parents learn to cloth diaper, and answer any questions that come up. Personally, I would have loved something like this when I first started on our cloth diapering journey! There’s absolutely a learning curve when it comes to cloth diapering and in-person support from someone who knew what they were doing would have been hugely helpful.

In addition to the service’s website and resources, the owner of Eco-Baby has just opened a store in Colorado Springs. Cloth Diaper Market sells everything from cloth diapers to baby carriers to natural mama products all with knowledgeable staff to support you and complementary at-your-door delivery if you’re already a subscriber of the diaper service! If not, or if you live outside of the immediate area, you can purchase items online as well!

Signing up for service was easy and I received an e-mail confirmation and information about the drop-off of my diapers. They confirmed the sizes I would need for my girls and told me to expect everything to arrive just two days later. I didn’t have to be home, they’d leave everything at my front door, and the same would go for pick-up a week later. I put everything outside the night before and it was gone without me even noticing they had arrived to deliver clean diapers!

If you will allow me to call a diaper gorgeous… these prefolds were gorgeous! They were whiter than white and so much softer than the prefolds we have in our existing stash! Despite being diaper service diapers, in heavy rotation and washed at crazy hot temperatures, they were in great shape and had amazing absorbability. They also provided us with a snappi fastener for each of our daughters but I prefer to trifold diapers so they went unused.

After using the service for about a day and a half, I got a call from the owner! She was making sure everything was going okay and seeing if I had any questions. We discussed a few things, one of which being the awful ammonia smell that I have in my diapers that magically wasn’t happening with Eco-Baby Diaper Service’s diapers! I thought it was my toddler’s pee that was so fragrant, I didn’t realize it was an indicator that there was detergent build-up in my diapers but this was confirmation of that! We also talked about how Emma was starting some very early potty training and they offered to give us half training pants and half diapers for her for the following week! How amazing is that? The trainers were the same bright white softness as the prefold diapers and we loved having so many on hand for our potty training adventures that week.

In terms of supplies, the diaper pail was provided along with a deodorizing disk (which was amazing!), cloth wipes (made of cotton flannel and oh-so-soft!), and a large plastic bag served as our pail liner. The diaper pail was great, just a plastic garbage container with a lid, basically, but it fit almost a week’s worth of diapers for our family (a toddler and an infant). With just 2 days remaining in our week, I pulled the first bag of dirties out, tied it off with a rubber band, and stuck it in the back of the closet, putting the other provided plastic bag into the diaper pail.


The second week, we were approaching some holidays. I received an e-mail from the company saying that, if we were going on vacation, they’d be happy to provide a no-name natural brand of disposable diapers in place of cloth diapers for however many days were necessary. How cool is that?? You go out of town and you don’t have to worry about buying diapers! We weren’t headed anywhere except the in-laws’ house so we didn’t need any sposies but what an incredible convenience for those times when you do!

I feel like it’s important to note that Eco-Baby Cloth Diaper Service is the only diaper service in Colorado that is certified by the National Association of Diaper Services. They use incredibly high temperatures and bleach to sanitize their diapers and, while they use as many natural products as possible, their detergent is not a natural product (because they reportedly don’t work as well). My daughters have NEVER come in contact with bleach and have NEVER worn clothing washed in anything but natural detergents. I was worried that they might have a reaction to the diapers since they were washed with chemicals but I was pleasantly surprised when neither baby showed any skin irritation whatsoever!

Eco-Baby’s website explains their washing process and their ability to have their diapers match the pH of the skin, rinsing them completely clean every time. I believe every word of their claims.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the cost. Well, at under $20 per week for the first kid (with a discount for additional children), it’s basically the same as buying disposable diapers. You won’t save money in the beginning buuuuut…. I can tell you that kids who wear cloth diapers potty train earlier and faster than children who wear disposables so you’d end up saving some money in the end. Plus, the benefits of cloth diapering (no waste in the landfill, no scary chemicals against your child’s skin, no diaper rash) are PRICELESS, if you ask me. Add to that the convenience of never having to run to the store to buy diapers AND not having to do cloth diaper laundry? This really is an amazing service.

So, how was it? It was amazing. Not having to do diaper laundry for two weeks was incredible and my husband has commented several times since the diapers went back to Eco-Baby that he misses them! He MISSES their diapers! When I asked him why, he said they’re fluffy, they don’t stink, and someone else washes them!

We were satisfied above and beyond expectations with Eco-Baby Cloth Diaper Service’s diapers and service. They were truly a great company to work with and have a wonderful product with the customer service to back it up.

Please, check out their website or give them a call to discuss your cloth diapering future. It’s well worth it!

***Disclaimer: I was provided 2 weeks standard diaper service for my 2 children free of charge in order to write this review honestly. I was not compensated and all words and opinions are my own.


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