MicroTouch Switch Blade Review


Disclaimer: I was sent the product in order to provide my honest opinion to readers. I was not compensated for this post.

Thanks to my DVR, I had managed to somehow avoid seeing the hilarious commercials for the new electric grooming tool by MicroTouch, the Switch Blade.

So, when the company contacted me and asked if we’d be interested in doing a product review, I thought we might as well. After all, the husband tolerates my tendency to overshare about everything from his vasectomy to our finances, he might as well get a little perk from all that I do here on the interwebz.

The MicroTouch Switch Blade is a small, easy to use, versatile grooming tool for the guys (or the kids, if you have boys or girls who like their hair really short). It can be used to cut hair or as an electric razor for body hair grooming and removal.


I’ve been cutting Ryan’s hair for the past few years to save some cash. I had no prior knowledge of how to cut hair except watching some YouTube videos and doing my own bang trims on and off since my teenage years. We inherited electric hair clippers from my parents when they upgraded and I just learned as the months went by. There were some oops moments but overall I did ok. One of the things I always hated about the clippers was that they were very heavy and the cord was often in the way of what I was doing, making for some awkward moments in the bathroom as I attempted to reach all angles and had to have Ryan crouched down, leaning over, or even on his knees. We’re classy like that.


So, the first thing I LOVED about the MicroTouch tool was that it’s battery powered and really lightweight. So easy to use simply because it’s so portable. The other thing that’s awesome is the versatility of it. Like the commercial says, it can be used for hair trimming or removal pretty much anywhere on the body. Ryan was hoping if he used it enough, he’d start to get abs like the guy in the ad but we’ve had no such luck so far.

What’s the verdict? Dude, the thing is $20 and does the job of a $150 clipper. Can’t beat that!

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